Kickstarter Market Analysis Dashboard

Visualisation project on utilising the open data from Kickstarter in a dashboard for analysis on pledged amount on category – and sub-category level. Objective is to gain insight into various categories and how easy it is for the projects in the different industry to raise money and reach the pledged goal.

The data is freely available on, and contain many features regarding every project on from 2009 to 2018. We use category, main_category, deadline, usd_pledge and usd_goal_real for the dashboards. Two different dashboards were created for the same purpose, one in plotly dash and one with Tableau.

The dashboard is split in a number of graphs. The master chart depicts a bubble chart from which total pledged amount and success ratio can be read on the axises, and the size denotes number of projects in the category. Can be grouped on category and sub-category, and the desired year range can be selected in the top.

By clicking one of the categories, the two below graphs will be filtered on the main category. The left then shows all the sub-categories, their total pledged amount depicted by the blue bar and the total pledged goal depicted by the red circle. The right line chart depicts the development of pledged amount and the success ratio. The trend chart is further filtered when clicking on a sub-category on the left.

Finally, in the bottom is a list of the most successful projects, measured on pledged amount. With this list of bars one can investigate further what projects did well based on the chosen filters in the graphs above.

The final dashboard can be seen here: Kickstarter Market Analysis Dashboard
Plotly dash can be seen here